What is your tile cleaning procedure?

Our tile cleaning process is very effective. When we take the responsibility of cleaning tiles we make sure that our clients receive the best result.

Below is The Procedure We Follow to Clean The Tiles:

  1. Floor Identification – Firstly our team of experts will identify the type of floor you have. Different types of floor or tiles are treated differently.
  2. Cleaning Solution – After identifying the floor our cleaners will apply an eco-friendly cleaning solution to your tiles which are completely safe to human. This solution will help in removing all the stains and dirt present on your floor.
  3. Washing – In the next step we will properly scrub and wash your floors. We clean all the corners of your floor properly.
  4. Drying – lastly, we will extract the water from the floor and leave it for drying. Our cleaners will make sure that your floor is completely dried before they leave.