Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Tiles and Grout Cleaning
Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout flooring enhance the overall look of a room. But it needs maintenance. You should maintain your tile and grout regularly so that it can stay clean. Regularly sweeping and mopping is the best way to keep the tile and grout looking nice. But before you go for any drastic tile and grout cleaning method, you may invite an unsightly appearance for your home.

Let’s See What are Those Common Mistakes That Can Damage The Tile and Grout in Your Home:

  • Harsh Cleaning Agent –

    Before using any harsh chemical, be sure to know about the right way. As these ammonia and bleach cleaning agents can ruin the tile. However, these chemicals are a great way to enhance the brightness of the tiles and grout, but without any professional help, you should not go for it. Instead of harsh chemicals, be sure to use any mild solutions. For the shiny and glazed tiles, avoid using an oil-based cleaning solution. 
  • Don’t Allow The Stains and Spills to Sit –

    If it has any stain or spill, immediately take action against it. Otherwise, it may stay in the tile and grout forever. In that case, even if it stays for an extended period, then it will mark a sign there which can be toughest to remove later. This stain can also make the carpet discolored. So immediately take action against it. 
  • Scrubbing Vigorously –

    You may think that vigorously scrubbing in the tile and grout can remove the toughest stain from there. But do you know that scrubbing vigorously on tiles and grout can destroy it silently? Additionally, the steel wool, brushes, or any abrasive powder may bring scratch on the tiles. Instead of these harsh scrubbing tools, use rag and old clothes.
  • Caulking and Sealing –

    The tile floors tend to allow more dampness and moisture than other flooring options in the house. People apply caulk to protect it from peel if and sealing protects the floor from staining, steering, and other damages. In that case, call your tile and grout cleaning to help you in this way.
  • Incorrect Mopping –

    Incorrect mopping can also make the tile and grout to be damaged. When mopping out the floor, try to use a damp mop and clean water. As dirty water gets seeped in the tile surface and forms an unexpected build-up. This moisture build-up is extremely hard to remove from the floor and it can also leave tough stains there. 
  • Colored Tile Cleaners –

    Don’t use colored tile cleaners to clean grout and tile. Especially if you have unglazed tiles, then it will absorb the dye from the colored tile cleaning agent. Always try to use a cleaning agent that is white or you can select tile cleaner just like your tile colors.

These all are the mistakes that you should avoid in your tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. If you feel any problem to do this task efficiently, then call us immediately. Maintaining the grouts and tiles in your house by us will make you tension free and you get a healthy environment in your house.

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