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Many types of tiles, especially the ones made of natural stones such as marble, limestone and slates are porous and may require to be sealed. It is always essential to seal natural stones before applying grout. However, if you fail to do so, grout will be absorbed into the tiles and ruin the finish. If you allow that to happen, then it will be impossible for you to the get the grout out of the tile pores. If you are a resident of Melbourne or surrounding areas, you can consider hiring Tile sealing Melbourne based organisations to seal your tiles.  

Tile Sealing Melbourne
Tile Sealing Melbourne

Services We Cater to You;

Select from the various range of Tile Sealing Services, and enhance the life of your tile’s life with us. Here is the list of services which we cater;

Bathroom Tile Sealing Melbourne;

The bathroom is a high-humidity room, where wall, floor and ceiling coatings are exposed to water regularly. In this regard, a lot of unwanted dirt spoils the appearance of the bathroom. We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne provides services for sealing joints in the bathroom cheaply in Melbourne and surrounding areas. For the processing of borders in the bathroom, we use special sealants. Finishing seams eliminates the problem of leakage behind the sink, reduces the humidity in the room, and also prevents the formation of fungus. Suppose the old sealant was incorrectly applied, our specialist dismantles it. Then the necessary treatment of the seams with an antiseptic is done, which in the future will relieve the development of the fungus. The sealant itself is applied around the perimeter of the bath, or on each tile. After drying, the master will check the joints for water leakage, and make the joint more aesthetic.

Ways of Performing Bathroom Tile Sealing Melbourne;

At Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we use different methods of sealing bathroom tile.

Below are The Three Different Approaches That We Use When Sealing Your Bathroom Tiles.

(a) Carb Tile Sealing Melbourne;

It goes on sale as self-adhesive, but for reliability, our specialists can fix it with a special glue. To prevent the tape from moving away, you first need to prepare the surface by stripping and decreasing it.

(b) Plastic Corner Tile Sealing Melbourne;

The choice in favour of this method of sealing is that it is logical to do if you trim the walls in the bathroom with plastic panels. We believe that this method of sealing is more reliable and durable.

(c) Ceramic Tile Sealing Melbourne;

An excellent option for those who decorate the walls in the bathroom with ceramic tiles. The ceramic border looks aesthetically pleasing, does not mould with time, is easy to clean. The difficulty is only in the installation because Special trimming equipment is required.

Our Process of Performing Tile Sealing;

After you have called us and made a contract with us, we send our highly experienced technicians to your location.

Our Technicians Follow The Below Procedures When Sealing Your Tiles.

  1. We prepare the tile sealant, paying attention to its colour that is supposed to be as close as possible to the tile colour.
  2. We then put the sealant into the silicone gun, press the upper end of the silicone gun and then pull up the draw rod to the top, so that you can be able to place the sealant on the silicone gun.
  3. Before filling the tile, we ensure that the tile gap is cleaned, and the dust is removed with a brush as much as possible.
  4. Then fill along the gaps between the tile, squeeze the sealant while moving, try to make the sealant into a continuous straight line and fill the gap evenly.
  5. Wait a minute or so to use the blade to scrape away the excess material easily.
  6. After 24 hours, it will solidify and harden completely. It will not affect the rubbing of the ground.

We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne do value our customers a lot. We appreciate our customers most because we believe that they are our bosses. Due to this, we will respond to your request within 2 hrs after we receive your call.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne
Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Why Should You Hire Us?

Once you decide to hire us Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne professional Tile sealing in Melbourne based service providers, be assured of enjoying the following privileges.

  • We always adhere to the terms prescribed in the contract.
  • 2. High speed is due to the availability of advanced tools and rich practical skills of our craftsmen.
  • 3. It will take from 1 hour to perform simple tiling operations.
  • 4. An employee of the company can lay out tiles in the bathroom at an optimally affordable price.
  • 5. With us, you can save a lot by buying quality supplies cheaper from reliable suppliers.

We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne are always eager to interact with new customers. If you need tile sealing services, Feel free to contact us through 0488 844 961, and we will respond to you within the shortest time possible.