Significance of Tile Grout Sealers for Your Bathroom

Tile Grout Sealers

This question may usually come in your mind, that tile grout sealing is required for your shower tile or not. Hence, it is important because it would protect the tiles of your bathroom to get damaged. You may be thinking that what is a grout sealer? A grout sealer is known to be grey or white-colored gel-based coating which is 100% waterproof. Tile repair expert uses tile grout sealer for sealing the grout between the shower tiles for preventing the moisture to destroy the tile work. 

 Tile Grout Sealers
Tile Grout Sealers

Is a Grout Sealer Necessary?

When you install the tiles, the grout is put between the tiles for preventing moisture and dirt penetrates under the tiles. The tile and grout cleaning experts have said that grout also needs protection, grout is typically made from sand and sand has water-absorbing properties. When you have unsealed grout, the lingering moisture or direct water passes the tile as well as grout and it can destroy the tile work by falling and sagging off. The water damaged the adhesives which keep the bathroom tile stuck to the walls. In conclusion, the tile and grout sealer for the shower tiles is important.  

What are The Different Types of Tile Grout Sealer for Shower Tiles?

There are various types of sealers available in the market, among which you can choose the best for your bathroom tile sealing

Silicone Sealer

This grout sealer type is specifically made to use in areas with high humidity. It comes in liquid form in the contaminated bottle. It is easy to apply the silicone sealer container and it has a cap with the in-built applicator which easily fits the grout spaces exactly. Some of the sealers may also come as the spray without the in-built applicator and it is transparent in colour. 

Polyurethane Sealer

This tile and grout sealer has some of the similar properties like silicone sealer. The polyurethane sealer is also applied on the top of the grout and it turns to transparent colour. However, this sealer is used in a large variety of fields by Local Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne experts than silicone sealer. On the other hand, the silicone sealer is commonly used in the plumbing areas such as shower. So, this sealer is commonly available in a bottle or can without any in-built applicator. 

When You Need To Go For Grout Sealing?

It is advised by the experts to get it done when the tiling work is done of the bathroom, but you can also choose to do it afterward. You should make sure that your carry out the grout sealing for the tiles of the bathroom when the walls have not been wet for majorly 6 hours. The reason behind this is to trap the moisture inside with the help of sealing. You need to completely dry the grout before sealing. 

Tile and Grout Sealer
Tile and Grout Sealer

Get the Professional Help from Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

However, if you choose to take help from Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne experts, then it would be best for your bathroom tiles. This is because we have been in the same business for many years and providing the best results of the tile sealing. So, if you wish to have Tile Sealing in Melbourne, then you should contact our expert.